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How can I create a customer focused organisation?

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Maximise the value of every customer interaction.


Being customer-focused means treating every customer as an individual, and enabling them to do business with you through whichever channel or device they choose. But it’s not just about convenience for customers. You have to serve them in a way that is sustainable and cost-effective, and maximise the value of every customer interaction for your business, too.

BT will work with you to make customer interactions smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective. We’re experts in designing, implementing and managing customer contact strategies that maximise the potential of every enquiry, for your customers and your business.

Eight of the ten largest utility companies in the world, 75% of the largest banks, and 11 of the 20 largest airlines trust BT to create more efficient, customer-focused organisations. We provide contact centre services to over 1,000 customers and 4,000 contact centres around the globe.