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Create connections between your people, infrastructure and ideas.

Collaboration is a big idea that gives your business the ability to grow and keep moving ahead as opportunities arise. It helps you and your ideas work together no matter where you are, or where your workforce and infrastructure might be.

Collaboration creates connections - between people, between people and applications, and even between the applications themselves. By employing the best communication, mobility and information technologies, collaboration will help you increase effectiveness and extend your organisation.

BT can design and implement a service oriented infrastructure that will show positive impacts across your entire enterprise, from internal areas such as logistics, communication and finance, to external relationships with your customers, partners, and regulators. At work, and ultimately in life, collaboration helps bring it all together.

BT has the heritage of leadership in business and technology development to deliver comprehensive, custom, and cost-effective solutions that bring you the positive impact you need.


Improving collaboration for faster decisions

One Collaborate delivers audio, video, web conferencing and streaming, as integrated services to support your organisation’s unified communications strategy. We help people collaborate more effectively, to speed up decision making and reduce travel and associated costs. Ultimately we transform how your people work together, work with your customers and work with your partners.

Increased agility

Distributed teams can work more effectively on sales, marketing, recruitment, company strategy and other crucial functions, creating a much more responsive organisation. HOK, a global provider of architectural planning, design, and delivery solutions, uses our video solutions throughout the organisation. Marketing people love the fact that they can develop campaigns face-to-face; project teams love the way they can collaborate and contribute on design aspects in real time; and HR people love the ability to interview and sift potential employees at a distance.

Increased speed of decision making

Ultra-high quality video conferencing can give you instant access to specialists anywhere in the world. Tommy Hilfiger design teams– based in Amsterdam and New York – use high quality video conferencing to collaborate faster and more effectively with each other and with the manufacturing team in Hong Kong.

Improved productivity and job satisfaction

Remote collaboration can reduce the impact of travel on your business and personal life. For example, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust uses BT Web Conferencing to run one in five of its weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings. They estimate that it costs just £10 per meeting and saves the participants travel time of up to 45 minutes.

Reduced travel costs

You can minimise corporate travel while still providing a personal, face-to-face service. Reducing travel also helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Indeed our own use of conferencing has helped each one of our home workers reduce their work related annual carbon footprint year on year.


BT One Collaborate Audio

Audio conference calls are an easy way to get people together over the phone. We offer two types: self-managed services and managed services. Each type comes with a variety of features delivered by our expert support teams.

Self-managed services

BT MeetMe Global Access is an on-demand audio conferencing service that allows you to join people from around the world quickly and easily. BT MeetMe Global Access is ideal for everyday calls among your team and staying close to clients.

BT Express is an audio conferencing service that allows you to host self-managed calls with single-use passcodes for heightened security. BT Express is ideal for team or executive calls where you may need to share sensitive information.

Managed services

BT Premium Event is a premium managed service can be used for bigger gatherings, like results presentations and shareholder meetings. You get a guaranteed line for as many people as you want, plus you can choose features like voting systems, Q&A management tools, and live video streaming.

Every BT Premium Event is recordable, totally secure with attendance strictly controlled, and comes with 24-hour support, every day of the year. And we make it easy to join a BT Premium Event from over 50 countries.


BT One Collaborate Video

Video conferencing can transform the way you do business, allowing you to meet face-to-face with customers, colleagues, and suppliers around the world.

Video conferencing, sometimes referred to as video collaboration or VTC, will save you time and money, help to increase productivity, and reduce your environmental impact. As a full service video conferencing provider, we offer the expertise you need to make your video conferencing investment work for you.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

  • Connect face-to-face with colleagues and customers regardless of location
  • Reduce the cost and hassles of travel
  • Share documents and applications in real-time
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Increase productivity

What can I use Video Conferencing for?

  • Team meetings
  • Employee trainings
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Investor meetings
  • Product launches
  • CEO presentations
  • Board meetings
  • Crisis management situations


BT One Collaborate Web

When you need to quickly make decisions and make sure your audience understands your message, web conferencing and audio conferencing is the answer. Our web collaboration tools let you see, share and update documents online while on an audio call.

With a choice of two leading web conferencing services – Microsoft Live MeetingTM and Cisco WebExTM – BT Web Conferencing can be easily combined with audio conferencing to add a visual element to your meeting.

For two to 2,500 people, all you need is a PC with an internet connection, allowing you to view and share presentations and documents easily, plus run online discussions, edit documents and even poll opinion amongst your colleagues.


BT One Collaborate Streaming

BT One Collaborate Streaming services lets you deliver multi-media audio, video or web content over the internet and your corporate intranet. With streaming, or 'webcasting', your business can extend presentations and training to audiences of almost any size, virtually anywhere, anytime. It's that easy.

Managed Streaming

Managed streaming integrates with BT's conferencing services so you can enjoy all of the benefits of true unified collaboration, ensuring that location isn't a barrier to reaching your viewers. BT Conferencing understands that event requirements vary per customer so we offer an optional comprehensive Event Management service to deliver your requirements. You can increase the number of presenters by simply adding a BT audio event call or video bridging. In addition to streaming the live event, we make a recording available, provide advanced reporting and analytics to measure engagement and effectiveness, and offer many more features.

Self-Managed streaming

With BT Self-Managed Streaming, you schedule, organise and manage your own streamed events, enabling you to reach your target audience and ensure that location isn't a barrier to conducting efficient, cost-effective and wide-reaching events.

Enterprise Streaming

BT Enterprise Streaming is a suite of hosted applications and client-side software that allows broadcasters, corporate communicators and other content owners to publish, protect, deliver, and measure the uptake of video and other rich media over a corporate intranet. Utilising your existing local area network, BT Enterprise Streaming provides a simple and cost effective way to deliver your message and manage your bandwidth more effectively with no upgrades or new network hardware investments.


Why BT?

Working with a trusted partner

BT is a trusted supplier in Ireland and is headquartered in both Dublin and Belfast. With a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure, we invest significantly in our network across Ireland throughout the world. We do this to provide high quality network services whilst bringing the benefit of product innovation to our customers.

In Ireland, the scale and breadth of our local and global networks and services is unrivalled. BT is one of the leading providers of conferencing services. Financial stability, coupled with over 20 years’ experience, means whatever your conferencing needs, we can meet and exceed them.

We can provide a ‘one stop shop’ with our comprehensive conferencing product portfolio including audio, video and web conferencing services. We’re constantly enhancing it by working with strategic partners like Microsoft and Cisco.

We offer extensive global coverage, fully supported around the clock by our European-based customer call centre. We’ve a wealth of experience and our specialists are available to help your organisation learn how to use conferencing to improve day-to-day business efficiency. You can benefit from service reviews and you have the support of a dedicated Account Team. This is coupled with comprehensive training and tools to help you use our conferencing services and get the most out of them.



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